About Gleb

Gleb Osatinski

Physics student turned Wall Street professional turned filmmaker Gleb Osatinski was born in Kharkov, former USSR, in 1971.

His interest in the moving images began in early childhood "As a kid, I loved cartoons and films. Things were different in movies and abstracted me from reality".

But in reality, Osatinski graduated with the Physics degree, and in 1994 with his family he immigrated to United States settling in New York.

Staying in New York, he immersed himself in the American culture, attending New York University, where he got business degree in Finance and Information Systems. Right after graduation he got a job on Wall Street where he worked for 16 years. All through out this time he tirelessly collected film until he finally left the industry to pursue his true passion for moving image and story telling.

In 2011 he wrote, directed and produced his first film "Pisces of an Unconscious Mind" which is currently selected by multiple film festivals and continues to circle around the festival circuit.

A year later in 2012, he wrote his second script "The House at the Edge of the Galaxy" with an intriguing story about a boy who is trapped in a lonely house, trying to escape, meets a cosmonaut who plants a star and makes a house a home.

Osatinski preps his second short and plans to go to production at the end of August 2012.